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Bude & Holsworthy Circuit (24/11)

Circuit Mission Statement: “To know Christ and to make Christ known”

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Eastbourne to plant a new church in a new primary school in Sovereign Harbour.  Then it was to the North of Scotland mission circuit and now here.

I am married to Aine who is from County Armagh, and we have a daughter, Tamar, who still lives in Eastbourne.

I come from an unchurched background, becoming a Christian in January 1980.  I was converted reading The Cross and The Switchblade and began attending a new church that met in a community centre.  Three years later I was at the Nazarene Theological College in Manchester, which was the start of 7 years as a student, including 3 years at the University of Ulster studying Sociology.

People have occasionally asked me if I always wanted to be a minister and my answer has always been that I never wanted to be a minister, but God wanted me to so I had to say yes.  I’ve never been traditional because of my background and that has been welcomed in most places I have ministered.

My concern has been part of my calling, which was to present everyone complete in Christ (Colossians 1: 28).   My main emphasis is as a pastor and teacher (Ephesians 4: 11) with an evangelistic focus (2 Timothy 4: 5).

I was told that I have to have hobbies, so I will confess to reading a lot, mostly Theology, but some novels as well, and gardening.  I always wanted to be an artist and so now I design the garden everywhere we move to, to satisfy that desire.  I also like listening to music.