The Methodist Church

Bude & Holsworthy Circuit (24/11)

Circuit Mission Statement: “To know Christ and to make Christ known”

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and profound truth that we have a God who loves us, cares for us, stands alongside us. In Jesus, God reveals what it’s like to be a human being striving for holiness in a troubled world. He makes an amazing success of it and invites us to emulate Him by committing to being His disciples.

I hand much of the leadership role at Bude to our new member of staff Deacon Debbie Marsh. Her remit is to encourage a more outward looking church, this is an exciting new direction for the church in Bude. The focus of the next phase of my ministry in Cornwall is to work alongside six smaller rural, churches seeking to discover their mission and direction in a 21st century world. Not an easy task, when resources of people and funds are thinly spread.

The Methodist Church is seeking to ask if we need a physical presence in every community. We endeavour to work ecumenically where we can. So what is the primary focus of our mission? Is it to maintain a building? Or is it to maintain a vibrant presence in other ways?  The answer is complex, and different in each context, and challenging in all.

Ministry is all about ‘Team’. Please pray for the ministers in all our churches who work together to bring about God’s Kingdom

Neal Street